Where to go this weekend: Art Jamming

I should explain what art jamming is. Basically, a giant painting studio that provides all the art materials and easels, and with a fun atmosphere and basically zero cleanup. There are a couple of locations, pop over to their website if you’re keen to try it: http://artjamming.co.za/

Art jamming is one of my favourite date or friend date activities, much to the dismay of all those I have dragged along over  time. Basically what happens is, we get there, we pick out our canvases and brushes, all excited, we mix our paints, we sit down…And then I go all “Beautiful Mind” for the next three hours and forget they exist.

They forgive me eventually 🙂

Do you have a hidden Grand Master Painter in you? Maybe not? Never mind, give art jamming a try anyway, it’s super fun!

Here are some recent art jamming creations!

Acrylic painting of The Sentinel, Hout Bay. Prints available
The Sentinel, Hout Bay. Acrylic painting, Prints available
Meadow Sunset, Acrylic. Prints available
Meadow Sunset, Acrylic. Prints available
Acrylic Painting of an Eagle Owl, Prints available
Eagle Owl, Acrylic Painting, Prints available



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