“…and then, I have nature and art and poetry, and if that is not enough, what is enough?”
― Vincent van Gogh


Live Wedding Painting in South Africa


Your wedding is going to be a fairytale. Poetry and daydreams made real.

You are going to float through the day on a cloud of sheer bliss.

Your friends and family around you.

Your partner meeting your eyes as you stand at the altar, brimming with joy

Every detail perfect.


Let me capture those details in a unique painting of your wedding.

I will give your family and friends an experience to remember. Your painting will be a keepsake for you to cherish!

Your live wedding package includes:

-An impressionist style live painting of the wedding scene, focused on the couple.


-A consultation to determine which aspects of the wedding you most want me to capture. The painting can be of either the ceremony or the reception, and a popular theme is the couple’s first dance.


-Approx 6-8 hours of studio touch ups to ensure the lighting in the painting is perfect.


-High resolution digital image of the painting for the couple to use for prints or thank you cards/emails.


-If your venue is within 50 km of my location (Century City, Cape Town) no transport costs are required.


-I am more than happy to travel for destination weddings, or to paint weddings elsewhere in South Africa.

Contact me to book your live wedding painting: maryannart@gmail.com



Standard prices:

A1 Painting: R 12 650
A2 Painting: R 8 750
A3 Painting: R R 6 600

Early Bird Discount (If your deposit is paid more than 6 months in advance, you are entitled to an early bird discount):

10 % of full price

Off season Discount (applicable to live wedding painting customers who are getting married between 1 June and 30 October):

10 % of full price

Painting from photography rather than life:

10% of discounted price.

Contact me to book your live wedding painting: maryannart@gmail.com


Bouquet Portrait


Your wedding florals have been preciously crafted by nature.

And your bouquet has been thoughtfully designed by you and lovingly created by your florist.

Your bouquet will walk down the aisle with you, will have a special significance in your day.

Isn’t it sad that the blooms won’t last forever?

With a bouquet portrait, you can keep the beauty and symbolism of your wedding flowers alive in a painting.

You can hang it in your house. Hand it down to your grandchildren.

Remember your special day whenever it catches your eye.

Your bouquet portrait package includes:

A gorgeous impressionist painting of your wedding florals, based on a photo to be selected by you.

These also make amazing wedding gifts!


Standard prices:

Square Portraits

20cm x 20cm Painting: R 1 250
30cm x 30cm Painting: R 1 650
40cm x 40cm Painting: R 2 050

Tondo (Round) Portraits

40cm Diameter Painting: R 1 750
50cm Diameter Painting: R 2 275
60cm Diameter Painting: R 2 750

Contact me to order your bouquet portrait: maryannart@gmail.com