Live Wedding Painting

The Process 

Your wedding painting will start with a personalised consultation, in which you can let me know your vision for your wedding painting. Do you want to capture the first dance? The ceremony? A special moment? It is absolutely up to you!


On your wedding day, I will arrive early and begin capturing the scenery. I will continue painting throughout the event, to the delight and entertainment of your guests.

At the end of the reception, your painting will be nearly ready, but for your convenience, I will keep it with me and take it back to studio to add any finishing touches.

This way, you do not have to worry about looking after it and can instead enjoy the night with your guests. 

Once final touches have been added, you will receive a beautiful ready to hang piece of art, along with high resolution digital copy so that you can reprint the painting to use as thank you gifts or for cards! 

How long does it take?

I will paint on site for three hours prior to the ceremony. I then continue painting through the ceremony, and generally for another four to five hours on site.

After this, I will take your painting home with me for final touches and to add glazes, which create beautiful depth of tones and finish off the painting.

Once the painting is complete I take it to be scanned at a fine art specialist printer. The painting is then provided to you, along with a digital copy to share with family and friends.

What materials do you use?

All of my materials are artist quality, which ensures the best and most enduring outcome.

I use a linen or cotton stretched canvas as standard. I paint with acrylic paints, as these are the most suitable medium for speed painting at events, and provide a resilient and long lasting painting.

I also use specialist glazing techniques to give the paintings a beautiful “glow”.

Does the painting have to be framed?

The painting is on stretched canvas and can be hung as it is. It does not need to be behind glass.

I do not provide a frame, but it is easy to get it framed if you want to. I recommend that this is done professionally.     ‚Äč