Your wedding. A work of Art

You're designing a fairytale wedding. You want your family and friends to have the best time, and you want to keep the newlywed glow alive after your wedding!

So why live painting? Your painting will capture the story of your wedding in a unique piece of art, and capture your guest's imaginations!

Let me paint your wedding live and capture your fairytale forever!

I would love to turn romantic scenes from your wedding into a cherished acrylic painting. I will paint the scene live from the sidelines of your special day, for all your guests to watch.

How does it work?

On your wedding day, I will arrive at your venue up to four hours early to start capturing the scene, so that I can focus on adding key people during the event.

During the event, guests are welcome to come and take a peek and watch your painting develop! We will agree the scene that you would like the painting to focus on in advance, so that the experience will require minimum co-ordination on your part on the day.

Still have questions?

If you’re curious about anything, email me! I would love to hear from you!


Your wedding painting will start with a personalised consultation, in which you can let me know your vision for your wedding painting. Do you want to capture the first dance? The ceremony? A special moment? It is absolutely up to you!

On your wedding day, I will arrive early and begin capturing the scenery. I will continue painting throughout the event, to the delight and entertainment of your guests.

At the end of the reception, your painting will be nearly ready, but for your convenience, I will keep it with me and take it back to studio to add any finishing touches. This way, you do not have to worry about looking after it and can instead enjoy the night with your guests. 

Once final touches have been added, I will deliver or courier the finished piece to you, along with high quality fine art scans so that you can reprint the painting to use as thank you gifts or for cards!



Get in touch with us by contacting us in the form below, drop some line of words to say hello, or hola, or halo…

The Consultation

Your wedding painting will be completely unique and can focus on any aspect of your wedding that you choose

The Painting.

On the day of your wedding, I will paint your special moments from the sidelines. I bring all my own equipment, to ensure that you do not worry about providing me with anything.

The Final Touches

After your wedding, I will add finishing touches to your painting in studio. I want to ensure your piece of art is absolutely perfect. You will also receive fine art scans of the painting with the finished piece, for your personal use